Caking and Baking

20 Apr

Hmm…as beautiful as the weather is today I am supposed to be sitting on a beach in Thailand this week – but unfortunately I have been grounded due to a little thing called an ash cloud. Having been grounded plenty of times before (deservedly unfortunately, thanks Dad) it’s something I’m used to, but I’m sure I wasn’t naughty this time. In an attempt to cheer me up a friend sent me this link today – and cheer me up it did:

Apparently cake stands are becoming more and more popular due to a baking craze – which is excellent news for summer and for my fledgling business. I mean seriously, there is nothing better than baking when you are in a bad mood or a bit angry even (I’m about to get on with making some cheese and garlic bread, as I’m hoping that I can take some of my disappointment about my lack of holiday out on the kneading!).

Interestingly the article says that the plainer the stand the quicker it sells, which is timely as the ones I have created this week have been largely from a mix of plainer white and gold plates, as a result of the stands that sold the quickest last time I did a fair. The pictures below are of new ones I have made up this week.

Being stuck here though has it’s advantages in that I can make up a few new cake stands, the ones made up above are for the We Make London fair, although I have sold three already of recent stands – one has a quirky coronation plate which I am hoping will go down well there.

Continued ash cloud trauma might even mean an earlier than planned trip for supplies – if the only way out of England is via car ferry, then car ferry it will be. And it would be rude to not stop off in Paris en route to Spain as we chase the sun. Thailand’s loss could be Cariad’s gain.


2 Responses to “Caking and Baking”

  1. deets April 21, 2010 at 9:25 am #

    and mine!
    paris has perfect brocante weather (no hideous snow and Siberian temperatures this time)
    new stands look great!


  1. Tea for two…or three « Cariad Cake Stands - August 8, 2010

    […] 8 Aug Well this has been a busy weekend, preparation for this week’s impending Vintage at Goodwood festival has meant I have been hitting London’s markets in earnest and am now about to embark on a major plate off. Although, managed to find time for a spot of afternoon tea today, outside on the patio in the (intermittent) sunshine! I used one of the cake stands, one of my favourites with a coronation plate in the middle (click below for images) […]

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