Handmade to Measure

19 Oct

Ola…I have been rather slack of late and indeed haven’t been making much in the way of cakestands. Being back at uni has unfortunately otherwise occupied me. As a result I don’t have any nice pictures of new ones etc to put up, so I thought I would instead put up a little link to a very talented lady’s site instead! I met Linda at a craft fair, she is part of the Seaside Sisters who often appear at craft fairs doing workshops – they made bunting bikinis at Vintage at Goodwood and are shortly appearing at the Eco Design Fair in London.

Linda’s website has lots of goodies and bits to ogle, and she also made some amazing bunting which I gave my sister as a birthday present – complete with cowboys. I’ve also got my beady eyes on the sticks of rock bolsters, which I think will be amazing at a ‘summer party’ (aka my non wedding wedding!).

She has also has some lovely purses and bags for sale all made from vintage fabrics (I particularly like this one below!) So if you’re looking for a cool birthday (or Christmas…) present then look no further! www.handmadetomeasure.com

(picture from www.seasidesisters.co.uk)


2 Responses to “Handmade to Measure”

  1. Kay October 21, 2010 at 3:16 am #

    Hi there. Having trouble with your email, I’m Hoping you might be able to create some of your lovely stands for a wedding I’m planning. Would love to find out a little bit more about price & time to make etc.

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