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Tea for two…or three

8 Aug

Well this has been a busy weekend, preparation for this week’s impending Vintage at Goodwood festival has meant I have been hitting London’s markets in earnest and am now about to embark on a major plate off. Although, managed to find time for a spot of afternoon tea today, outside on the patio in the (intermittent) sunshine! I used one of the cake stands, one of my favourites with a coronation plate in the middle (click below for images)

 I love this one (and it was used today as afternoon tea was to celebrate a young man’s birthday and I thought this stand was a bit more masculine!). Here’s hoping it will find a new home and someone to entertain at the festival this weekend.

Pierre saw quite a bit of action this weekend, think I must have done about 20 miles all in all and I also went to meet my friend off the Eurostar at Kings Cross for a cup of coffee and to collect some new Parisienne plates just in time for the festival. Looking forward to making up some good ones from these, so thanks Ditte!

Now…I better be off as my whole flat is covered in plates and I need to make some and tidy the plates away before my boyfriend gets home (as he is like a giant magnet for plate breaking, he just steps into the room and the plates disintegrate before your very eyes). Although I hope that this, almost impressive in a way, skill for dropping plates and stands will improve before the weekend seeing as he is going to be my glamourous assistant on the stall this weekend.

p.s is anyone else camping at Vintage at Goodwood? My flowery tent (brings a second meaning to ‘camp’) is ready to be pitched, it hasn’t had an outing for a while!


Pierre’s Pedal Power

18 Jul

Bit of a hectic time this weekend, moving house is always stressful but even more so when you have a party to attend in Oxford on the same weekend and then your removal van and driver doesn’t turn up on the day…meaning you are stranded on the street – although at least we were comfortable as the sofas were outside! On the bright side my lovely friends suprised me in the afternoon with a picnic on Primrose Hill for my birthday, and two more cake stands found a lovely home after an early morning delivery on Saturday. Thanks to Pierre I was able to whizz round on Saturday morning, then freewheel back down Regents Park Road before hightailing it to Oxford for a picnic. This is trusty Pierre in action early on Saturday morning, with his cargo.

Hard to refuseli homemade muesli

31 May

Oooh a bank holiday, what a treat. After a weekend away in Wales and Gloucestershire for a beautiful wedding we’re back home and having one of those days which involve around cleaning, tidying and making things.

As I was at home all afternoon (after a quick trip to the Primrose Bakery for some  apple and blackberry cake – need energy when you’re tidying after all!) I decided to use the time to make some muesli ready for breakfast this week.

As a keeno runner breakfast is a big deal for me, it is after all a legitimate reason to eat two breakfasts a day. One pre-run and cycle, and one at work. I always have yoghurt with fruit and a giant bowl of muesli. So giant I have to take my own bowl into work to accomodate the size of my belly. So one day I decided to invent my own, which is pretty nice – although this may just be because I have become accustomed to the taste! Anyway it takes quite a while and has to be closely watched as it turns from nicely browned to burnt in ooh about a minute, so making it is ideal for a bank holiday. I have included my recipe and some pictures below – although I warn you this is a very unscientific recipe…


  • 500g Jumbo oats
  • 150g porridge oats
  • 150g flaked almonds
  • 150g chopped mixed nuts, dried mixed fruit, dried cranberries, and sultanas
  • 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
  • dessicated coconut
  •  honey or maple syrup and a teeny bit of brown sugar

Heat the oven to 175 degrees. Mix the jumbo oats and porridge oats in a large mixing bowl. Add 3-4 tablespoons honey and mix up so the oats are evenly coated. The ratio of honey to oats varies depending on the ingredients but 3-4 tablespoons usually does for the amount of oats as above. Swish it all about and then add the  cinnamon, dessicated coconut, almonds and mixed nuts. Put this mix into a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and spread about so it is evenly distributed. Sprinkle over a bit of brown sugar and put in the now nicely warmed oven.

Keep a close eye on it and shake up the oaty mix every ten minutes or so – then each little oat gets a go at tanning. It usually takes about 40 minutes, but keep a close eye on it and as soon as the oats have a nice golden brown colour akin to 2 weeks in Turkey, whip them out.

When the oats have cooled slightly, add in the dried fruit and jiggle it all about until evenly distributed. You can also add anything else that springs to mind – I had some ground flaxseed and goji berries (get me!) that I got free in my race day goody bag when I did the Reading Half Marathon so I put this to good use and chucked it in at the end as well!

Put into an airtight container and it lasts for weeks, although keeping it lasting this long does require some discipline. Two bowls a day means mine lasts about 2, max. Offer it to all your guests when they stay over and wow them with your genius – obviously top it up later by offering them some homemade cupcakes on your lovely Cariad Cake Stand…ooh it’s a nice life.