Summer dreams…celebrating sixty

20 Jul

Well a few cake stands had quite the adventure at the weekend, being safely packed up and taken to Oxford to ‘Art in Action’ to celebrate my boyfriend’s mum’s super 60th birthday. Here are a few pictures of them being used for the afternoon tea picnic, with teeny tiny sandwiches and homemade scones. There is also a pic of my whopper of a sponge cake, which did all get eaten!


Pierre’s Pedal Power

18 Jul

Bit of a hectic time this weekend, moving house is always stressful but even more so when you have a party to attend in Oxford on the same weekend and then your removal van and driver doesn’t turn up on the day…meaning you are stranded on the street – although at least we were comfortable as the sofas were outside! On the bright side my lovely friends suprised me in the afternoon with a picnic on Primrose Hill for my birthday, and two more cake stands found a lovely home after an early morning delivery on Saturday. Thanks to Pierre I was able to whizz round on Saturday morning, then freewheel back down Regents Park Road before hightailing it to Oxford for a picnic. This is trusty Pierre in action early on Saturday morning, with his cargo.

The Octopus was right…

12 Jul

well, we drove all the way to Amsterdam (on the invitation of, and in honour of Georgie – an Amsterdammer born and bred) to watch the world cup final on the big screens there…and for the good times. So the result wasn’t quite what we wanted, as honourary Dutchies – but a cake stand has now found a new home in a beautiful townhouse along the canal, and we had a great party, which was of course the whole reason for going! Thanks to the best ever good time girl Georgie, Spencer  and Mr and Mrs Bayliff for a brilliant weekend, and for being such great hosts. Amsterdam is a beautiful city in normal times – never mind a baking hot summer’s day when their football team has made the World Cup Finals. Definitely worth the road trip!

The most amazing moment when the helicopters flying above threw out huge bunches of freshly cut flowers – beautiful

Chewies, Haverstock Hill

1 Jul

A Cariad cake stand has found a lovely new home in Chewies Bakery on Haverstock Hill, near Chalk Farm Tube.

There it is! This one was made specially for Chewies using some green, white and gold plates – to go with the theme in the bakery. I’m a big fan of Chewies, it’s a short walk from my house, and I pass it most mornings on a run up to Hampstead Heath – which is a killer as it opens at 7am and it requires immense willpower to not just think ‘ah skip the run I’ll get a croissant instead’ when you run past and smell the coffee. It’s also where I went with my boyfriend at 8am one weekend morning after being in A&E at 6am with a football injury (him, not me!), so you know – fond memories.

Chewies makes their own amazing cakes, breads and all sorts of yummies. It has an outdoor garden so is nice for a sunday morning scrambled egg breakfast, swiftly followed by a cupcake topped with an oreo cookie…

They also do heaps of other homemade cakes…and scones with homemade jam…ooh I could stay in there for days!

The cake stand is sitting pretty by the till, with some of my cards – so hopefully they might get picked up, so to speak. I like to think it’s found a happy home, and gets covered in cakes every day – it’s a dream life.


If you ever find yourself in Chalk Farm, pop in and say hello – and try some of the yummy cakes and excellent service in Chewies, although you might find it hard to leave!

Sisters are doing it for themselves…

28 Jun

Ah another beautiful day, and another successful fair! Had a great time at the We Make London Summer Fair ( and sold a good few stands which was lovely – all helps for the uni fund and it’s nice to see them going off to good homes! Here’s some pictures of Cariad at the fair…

There were loads of other brilliant stallholders there too, for example like Turncoat Annie who turns vintage tables and furniture into beautiful new treats with decoupage and upholstery – I am seriously coveting a chest of drawers covered in birds, oh man I can’t wait until I finish uni next year and I can buy everything. I had recently been having an idea about decoupaging an old table…but actually it will only look rubbish and I could buy a lovely one from there instead!

My favourites though were the Seaside Sisters, who were doing a bunting masterclass. I was a bit obsessed by their table piled high with a medley of fabrics and vintage bunting. The Seaside Sisters are a trio of crafty ladies (I met two) who make a range of goodies, and excitedly they are also going to be at Vintage at Goodwood, as is Cariad ( They will also be doing some workshops there…I think I might be abandoning my stall for a few hours to hang around there feeling up their fabrics…ooo er – seriously they were amazing! I made a little bunting there from some red fabric dotted with stars which is now hanging over my dressing table mirror and cheering me up in the morning (well, when I say I made it…I chose it and then the lovely Linda stitched it for me as my sewing leaves a little to be desired…)

Check out their website on for details of where they are going to be next, and links to their individual website to buy some of their amazing handmade goodies.

On the subject of sisters I have one staying with me from Gibraltar at the moment so I should go and pay some attention to her (and a big big MISS YOU to one of my other sisters Ellie if you’re reading this from South Africa, come home soon!)

Some more news to come soon, very excitedly about Vintage at Goodwood and one of the Cariad stands making an appearance in a London cafe!

Summer Fair

24 Jun

Hope to see you there…with new cake stands in stock!

Roll up, Roll up – new stands in stock!

16 Jun

Please see below for new stands in stock, hot off the press and ready for the next fair. Pictures aren’t the greatest while I figure out a minor teething problem as how to photograph them as nicely as possible (and to do them justice, they look best in person as each one is individual). These are all made with lovely plates bought in the Parisienne brocantes – and lovingly transported  thanks to my Danish logistics company (ie Ditte, her suitcase and the eurostar). If you are interested in any of these please drop me a line and we can arrange delivery.

I got the butterfly prints from an Aladdin’s Cave on Brick Lane at the weekend and I was so overjoyed by them I thought I would share!

p.s I have heaps more in…some lovely pinks, just not enough time to photograph them all!