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Love, Letters…

19 Jan

I’m now right in the middle of exams (which is why I have been rubbish about posting on here) but taking respite from studying with the fun of ‘Summer Party’ planning (or wedding planning as most normal non freaked out people call it) and marathon training (it is fun I promise!).

I always allow myself a little treat each day to search out there on the blogosphere for design inspiration and DIY projects, as we’re hoping to do a completely homespun party – as a result my lounge is currently covered in tissue paper scraps and a growing mountain of brightly coloured homemade decorations – haven’t really considered where these are going to be stored until the summer but never mind.

I’m slightly concerned I might comehome one day and will only be able to locate my future husband by his little eyes poking out from a pile of pom poms. Oh well, at least it will be a colourful way to go.

I’ve also been on the lookout for other crafty bits that can be used on the day, and love these heart prints from the very talented Hijiri at HeartFish Press who (luckily for me) has just opened a new online shop. Hijiri made me an excellent custom made letter press print for our anniversary (pre-engagement ring even being a teeny sparkle in his eye) which he was pretty impressed with – so it will be nice to have some of her cards or prints incorporated somehow. Check out her website or etsy shop for heaps of beautiful letterpress.

Lace Heart Blue

photo pictures from www.etsy.com/shop/hijirik