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May the fete be with you

24 May

The sun was shining, the band was playing and the people were out, consequently the Primrose Hill May Fete was a big success! 

This was in part thanks to the beautiful weather – but also because it was really well organised and there were heaps of great food stalls, lending a bit of a carnival atmosphere to the event. I sold a good few cake stands and gave out a lot of business cards (so hello if you’re visiting for the first time as a result…nice to meet you!) and as we were right by the live music it ended up being a really good day out – although my feet were a teeny bit sore after 7 hours behind the stall. The sun must have put me in a good mood, my hired (by that I mean free volunteer) help kept wandering off for Pimms at the Queens pub, but all was forgiven!

Here are some pictures of the stall yesterday, and some of the cake stands which ventured off to nice new homes to deliver cakes in style and bring a little vintage chic to afternoon tea.


If you have popped by after picking up a card at the May Fete and are keen for a stand, I still have a few left from yesterday so if there was one in particular you liked please email me on cariadcakestands@live.co.uk and I can matchmake.

p.s had a delicious hog roast from the stall outside Odettes which reminded me what an amazing place it is for lunch or dinner and in the most beautiful location. Not to mention the interior which has to be in the running for the most stylish restaurant in London (would it be wrong to copy the wallpaper in my flat?!). Am hoping I can wiggle my way into getting treated there for my birthday lunch, preferably by my boyfriend but lets be honest I’d go with anyone, the food there is something else



Primrose Hill Fair

13 Apr

Today equals a good day as I delivered some lovely floral cake stands to Mimco for them to use in a press day to display their jewellery. So that was quite exciting! They’re based on Marylebone High Street so I  decided to walk through Primrose Hill and Regents Park early this morning to drop them off. It was beautiful, sunny morning and the ducks were out. Despite being jealous of the runners (I’ve got a foot injury so can’t run at the moment and it’s driving me mad) it was a treat of a stroll. Got to see an old man in very short shorts too, now if that’s not worth getting up early for I don’t know what is. Walking in the sun makes a bit of a change from cycling in to work and getting my eyes poked out by sleet. Even my hands were out – no gloves!

Walking up Regents Park Road through the beautiful Primrose Hill got me thinking about the fair where Cariad first made an appearance – at a summer fair last year organised by Primrose Hill Community Association. The whole road was closed and filled with different stalls selling jewellery, crafts and heaps of other things.  All the shops along the street were involved and had stalls, along with the local pubs and Primrose Hill Bakery (possibly the best cake shop – ever!) supplying food. I just about managed to remind myself that my profits were for uni…and not for stocking up on cupcakes and cushions. I did come away with a nest of perspex tables but as I use them now for displaying the cakestands on my stalls this surely counts as capex and therefore a business cost (that’s what I tell myself anyway.)



Cariad’s first ever stall, with my brilliant helpers for the day Georgie, Ellie and Jemma.

Incidentally if you’re at a loss one day and find yourself in Primrose Hill make sure you check out the treasure trove that is Judith Michael & Daughter – a delightful shop that sells all sorts of vintage treats. One day if ever I have a house…or even more than 2 rooms…I will fill it with things like lampshades made from vintage maps, union jack cushions and drape myself in Hermes silk scarves – until then I will make do with just looking in their shop and daydreaming. They do sell online, but you’d be missing out by not visiting the shop itself and ogling.


The next fair is provisionally scheduled for 23 May, and will post when it’s confirmed, so you can all come and say hello. The next one will be even better!

(For Mimco see http://www.mimco.co.uk/)

Paris, Paris, Paris

10 Apr


The best bit about Cariad and making the cake stands is sourcing all the plates, which today for example took me to east London along the Kingsland road and to Broadway Market. However the absolute best place to get beautiful plates is Paris and from the markets there. For some reason the cake stands with a bit of Parisienne charm in them always seem to be the most popular…so of course I have to go visit often, you know just for business reasons – no pleasure.

My last trip was just before Christmas, to stay with my super Danish friend Deets. Deets is a brilliant person to go plate hunting with, as being scandinavian she has an inherently good eye for design. Paris was extremely cold, and it even snowed which was quite romantic – although Deets was stuck with me stuffing my face with cheese and rillette which might not have been her idea of a perfect date.

We ventured quite far afield to some markets on the outskirts of the city, but also visited the classics like Clignancourt and along Rue St Paul. I think my favourite street in Paris by the way has to be Rue des Martyrs though, near Montmartre which is full of nice delis and foodie places. A trip to Paris, for me, isn’t complete without pancakes at the Rose Bakery on Rue des Martyrs which is amazing and only ten minutes walk from Gare du Nord so is a great place to load up on a big brunch before a hard day scouring the markets.

(Have a look on this lovely blog about Paris for a post on the Rose Bakery and then enjoy all their beautiful pictures of Paris and get some top tips for cool things to see  and do…I’m jealous, they get to live there! http://hipparis.com/2009/08/31/la-vie-en-rose-bakery/#more-3784)

Anyway we had heaps of fun wandering around and digging out plates,  but it ended up getting a bit out of hand when we both talked each other into buying a bedside cabinet (Ditte) and a huge old sewing box (me) which we then had to get back on the metro – and for me on the eurostar with a backpack full of over 50 plates…where there’s a will there’s a way! Whenever I look at the cabinet now though I do laugh to think of what a crazy effort it was to get it back to England, but it was worth it, and Deets is the only other person I know who would be mad enough to even try. Next time I’m taking a car!

Anyway here are some pictures from the trip.

well hello there…

6 Apr

Hello and welcome to my new site, for displaying my recent cake stands and vintage china which I sell at fairs in and around north London. I’m lucky enough to be an exhibitor at the We Make London Fair on 26th June and as a result I need to act fast and get a site up and running to help promote my stall and explain what Cariad is all about.

Cariad started when I began selling some cakestands I had been making for friends and family in the local area, as a way to raise extra money as I am saving hard for a course at university in September. Things are going really well so far, and it’s about time I had a website to direct people too – so I can pretend I am professional…!


The We Make London Summer Fair looks really exciting, and I’m very happy to be a part of it. It showcases London’s independent designers and crafty types, and it’s previous fairs have been a big success. I’ve been taking Cariad to fairs and markets for a few months now, but this will be my biggest one to date which is very exciting and a bit scary – I better make some good stands! Previously my best sellers have been at the Primrose Hill Fetes and via word of mouth commissions so I need to really concentrate on getting some good bits together. Luckily I still have time to find some good plates, and have another trip to Paris scheduled for May in order to get the best plates.Not sure why but Parisien plates just seem to have a glamourous edge.

That’s one of my cake stands, having an adventure last summer in Primrose Hill (and showing off her glamourous Parisien side…). I will have some more photos up soon, of the cake stands and of previous fairs and trips, plus some of those taken on my Pentax K100 which is older than me  (yet somehow in much better condition!) and which takes far nicer photos than digital. Off to East London and Broadway Market tomorrow, for plates, cakes and some photo opps. What more could you want from a day?

Now you might have to bear with me, I’m a newbie – but nice to see you and a big thanks for dropping by!