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We Make London – feature on Cariad Cake Stands

1 Jun

woo hoo – Cariad Cake Stands is featured on the We Make London website:


Very exciting! Really looking forward to the next fair, on 26th June. I’m especially excited to be sharing a page with a feature on Nancy&Betty – a girl that makes absolutely beautiful stationery. I came across Nancy&Betty a good few months ago now and bought one of their cards as an anniversary card for my boyfriend (which I bought about three months before as I knew it was perfect!). He liked it so much it’s now up on the wall in a frame…that’s how good their stationery is! So it’s a big treat that they will be at the We Make London fair too, will try not to get starstruck.

http://www.nancyandbetty.com/ – for buying

http://iheartnancyandbetty.blogspot.com/ – for browsing and inspiration

Also, some more pictures from Primrose Hill Fete, courtesy of my sister Bethan. I still have some blue and white ones available if anybody would like to give them a little home and fill them with cake. Also…I put the green and pink flowered one on hold for someone who assured me they would email the next day for it as they did not have any cash on them…and has not claimed it, which is a bit frustrating as it was very popular on the day. Still, you live and learn – but it does mean that the pink and green one (marked with a sold sign in the pictures) is up for grabs for any takers for the very reasonable sum of £25.